Endoscopic Midface Lifting

Endoscopic Midface Lifting

Definition: By using the endoscopy method (with a help of a camera entering from the mini-cuts made on the hairy-skin and in the mouth) placing and tighten the facial muscles and tissues on the brow, eyebrow, temple, mid-face and mouth edge area. Together with this, eyelid aesthetic operation and/or fat injection can be done

Time: 2–3 hours inpatient/outpatient: Both are possible.

Healing Period: Back to work ten days, for edema and swelling can be extended till three weeks.

Anesthesia: General

Treatment Frequency: Generally for once.

Risks: Nerve damages, hematoma (blood accumulation in tissues), asymmetry, changes on the hairline, complications depending on the anesthesia.


Permanence of the Results: Long term. Aging starts from the returned age. (If this operation applied to you, and not applied to your twin sister, you will look 7-10 years younger then her). However as the aging and gravitation affects will last, another surgery can be requested after the years.

5 important questions that you have to ask to your doctor about the operation:

Where and how many centimeters long will be the cuts? Will be any permanent scars?

How is your technical experience?

Will mid-face operation bring me on the target alone?

Which type of anesthesia will you apply, and who will apply this?

Are you suggesting additional operations together with this one?


Endoscopic mid-face lifting is a face-lifting technique which will be made with the thin and long cannulas and camera by the 1-2 cm. cuts. It is not necessary to make long cuts for endoscopic mid-face lifting and the brow can be lifted, the eyebrows can be elevated, the muscles which are creating the wrinkles between the brow and eyebrows can be relaxed. (In this way a permanent Botox affect will be supplied), the cheek net can be lifted up (thereby a fullness over the cheekbone will be supplied), the eye edges can be slightly lifted (the view of almond-formed eyes can be supplied).

{mosimage}Together with the endoscopic mid-face lifting a classical open face lifting operation can also be done. The operation time will be increased parallel to this operation. If the endoscopic mid-face lifting and classical open face lifting will be done together, both the mid-face and bottom parts of the cheeks and neck lifting will be realized.

The endoscopic mid-face lifting will be done under general anesthesia and with the operational conditions and it will last 2,5-4 hours.

As the cuts are in zigzag form, short and stayed on the hairy skin, they will not be significant. During the endoscopic mid-face lifting either too little or no skin part will be cut-out. For hanging the cheek tissue in a proper way it is necessary to make 1cm. cuts on both sides in the mouth. The actions made during the endoscopic mid-face lifting is taking up the top and middle tissues of the face, and fixing them to their new places on the top with sutures. Even it is called as face lifting, this process is moreover to take the lowered cheek fat tissue, down slipped soft tissues which should be over the cheekbones and felt down eyebrows to up, in other word to their natural places. When the cheek fat tissue has been lifted there will be an aggregation on the lower eyelids; because of that a lower eyelid lifting operation will also be done to these patients after the face lifting. Therefore a lively and tight view will be given to the face. You can recognize the affects of this operation most significantly on a person after a certain period of the operation when the forming and placing have been completed. In some cases (when the eyebrows are too lowered) it can be technically necessary to use surgical screws for uplifting the eyebrows which will stay inside the hairy skin. If the screws have been used, you can feel them between your hairs, the screws will be taken out after one month period. To take them out gives no pain and no anesthesia will be necessary.

You can stand up right after the end of the operation. The bandages on your face will be removed after 1 week and you can go back to your normal social life with some make-ups. For seeing the exact results of this operation you have to wait 2-3 months. The slightly purple spots on the eyelids will be completely healed after this period, and the tissues will take their final form by healing the face tissue.