Brow Lifting

Low or sagging brows and creasing forehead are generally the first indications of aging. Besides that the sagging and frowning brows, wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows are giving a tired and angry impression to the face. Brow lifting will be performed to eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead and sagging of the eyebrows; to give a more “clear” expression to the face.

The patients are applying very often to the plastic surgeon with the complaints like “By expression seems so tired, and this cause an elderly appearance…”, “The people around me are saying that my expression is too angry…”, “They are telling me that I am looking like a very bad person because of my frowning brows and the wrinkles that I have on my forehead and between my brows…”. The aim of brow lifting operation is: improving the expression, giving a more lively, energetic and clear-look to the face.

As our purpose is improving the whole expression, it will be wrong to evaluate only the forehead area.

As the brows, upper eyelids and forehead are neighbors, they are in an interaction and forming the upper 1/3 part of the face. If an aesthetic process will be performed to one of them, all these structures must be evaluated as a whole. On advanced ages when the brows are started to sag the person tries to hike his or her brows by instinct. Thereby he or she can not avoid the creasing of his or her forehead.

These people must be evaluated in terms of forehead lifting, brow lifting and also eyelid aesthetic. Aging is not the only reason of a wrinkled forehead. The sun shines are also causing to wrinkles on the forehead during the passed years. Additionally the genetic features, parental heritage, cigarette and alcohol consumptions, hormonal factors and stress in the daily life are also the effecting factors of the creased forehead.

Process of the Surgery;

The surgery will be performed in hospital under general anesthesia. You will be examined by the anesthesia specialist and necessary tests will be done.

The patient, the degrees of sagging and wrinkles, the positions of the eyebrows, the situations of the eyelids will be evaluated. It will be examined how they will give a younger and lively expression to the upper 1/3 part of the face. The photos of the patient will be taken, the necessary measurements will be made with computer, the levels of the eyebrows, their symmetry, the positions of the eyelids will be evaluated. Post-operation image can be shown to the patient on the computer’s screen, the discussions can be made together on the images and mutually decide which procedures will be performed –forehead lifting, brow lifting, eyelid aesthetic, etc. Brow lifting operations will be performed an endoscope and special instruments placed through small incisions for one centimeters made within the hairline.

The most important advantage of this technique is not to have any significant scars or operation marks. During the operation, the muscles which causes to creases will be extenuated (these muscles are actually the paralyzed muscles with botulinum toxin –Botox- injection, during the operation these muscles will be extenuated and a permanent Botox-affect will be supplied). beneath the skin to be repositioned, altered or removed, correcting the source of visible creases and furrows in the forehead.

The actual procedure is to lift the sagged tissue of forehead and moving to the backside of the scalp. Because of that, brow lifting can not be performed for the people who have excessive sagging on the forehead. The most important advantage of the endoscopic brow lifting is having no sense loss on the hairy skin because of the very small incisions.

After the surgery;

As the patients has general anesthesia, they have to stay minimum one night in the hospital. Ice can be put on the forehead and upper part of the face for minimizing the swellings. Another method for preventing the swelling is sleeping with sitting position by taking the head in upright position. The swellings will be healed in 1-2 weeks. On the second or third day the bandages will be changed. The hair can be washed during this process. You can go back to your normal daily life after approximately one week. The stitches will be removed until that. The heavy and effort spending exercises must be avoided for 2 months.

Possible Risks and Complications of Brow Lifting

The brow lifting surgery is a procedure that will be made under general anesthesia. Like all the surgeries it bears infection risks, however the infection risks for hairy skin operations are very little or none.

Except this general risk, as the stitches will be applied to the hairy skin, seldom hair losses may be seen on the stitch line because of the damaged hair roots. For preventing this, the stitches will be removed very carefully. Generally there will be some temporary hair losses on the stitch line, but this will be healed with the time and the hairs will grow on the stitch line.