Breast Lift

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

The breasts are erogenous organs which are symbolizing the womanhood. Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful breasts.
But the breasts may lose its volume because of development defects or as a result of weight loss after the pregnancy, and can have a drooped appearance with the loosen skin. It is possible to improve the breast’s appearance which lost their fullness and firmness through a breast lifting surgery. Only the breast lifting surgery may not be enough for the drooped breasts with insufficient volume.

The breast lifting surgery is a procedure which forms the breast and corrects the sagging, but it will not create additional volume to the breast. For such cases the desired fullness can be gained with an additional volume-creating breast implant application.

During the examination, the breast skin and tissue must be separately evaluated. At the end of the evaluation it will be decided about the details of the surgery. For example, the technique which will be used, the place where the new breast complex will be placed, the implant application according to the patient’s desire, etc… The techniques of the operation may differ in accordance with the sagging level.

For low degrees of sagging the breast areola will be brought to the its normal position and the excessive skin will be removed. If the sagging is too much, the loosen skin under the breast should also be removed. If there is no extraordinary situation, we prefer to use the central pedicled technique for our patients.

Our aim is to form the breast tissue and breast skin separately and closing the skin like a cover without tension and minimizing the scar. Besides that, together with the aesthetic purpose, the natural circulation and blood support of the breast nipple, areola and breast tissue must be protected with the nipple sensitivity, the suckling features must not be negatively affected when the breast placed on to the new position.

During the breast lifting operation, first the skin will be detached from the breast tissue, then the breast tissue will be tightened and the skin will be wrapped around the lifted structure without loosing and tension. With this technique that we prefer (Central Pedicular Mastopexy) a long lasting, well shaped and raised breast will be produced without harming the nipple sensitivity and suckling features. On this technique the operation will be successfully and long termed.

If the breasts are not excessively sagged, around the areola; if the breasts are too sagged, beside the scar on areola an additional line from nipple to areola will be made. For the people who have white skin and normal healing physiology, the scars are not significant. However, the clarity of the scars may differ according to the age and skin structure of the person.

The surgery will be performed in the hospital under general anesthesia and it takes two or three hours. The accommodation time in the hospital is one day. It is not a painful operation but the breasts may have swellings for a couple of weeks. The scars will be slowly reduced in several months. In three-six months period the breasts will take their final form and the scars will be healed.