Breast Augmentation


The breasts are erogenous organs which are symbolizing the womanhood. Every woman wants to have aesthetically beautiful breasts. But the volume of breasts may be smaller then the normal size because of unilateral or bilateral development defects or as a result of weight loss. The ideal candidates for breast augmentation are the one who is not aiming to have a perfect appearance, but want to have corrections. If you are physically healthy and have realistic expectations you can be a good breast augmentation candidate.

In these cases with the procedures intended to augmenting the breasts and create more volume, in other words with breast augmentation surgeries it is possible to have fuller, aesthetically good looking breasts. The breast augmentation (mammaplasty) operations are surgical processes that change the size and shape of the breasts;

Augmenting the breasts of the women who think that their breasts are too small, Equaling the sizes of the breasts of the women who have asymmetrical breasts problem,   After the breast cancer operations,

the breast augmentation surgery will be performed to reconstructing the breast The size of the breast augmentation will be determined according to the person’s desire, existing situation and dimensions of her ribcage. The materials used for breast augmentation are silicone implants. The silicon used in breast augmentation surgeries is an inert material, in other words it will not enter into a chemical reaction when it has been placed into the body, and its molecular structure will not be changed.

When a single implant placing operation will be performed to the flattened, severely drooping and loosen breasts, the loosed breast tissue can droop down again over the implant. For these kinds of breast an additional breast lifting operation should also be performed together with the breast augmentation surgery (implant + pexia).


During your first examination, your doctor will evaluate your health and will decide about the performed surgical technique which will be the optimum for you in accordance with your skin’s and breast’s tonus. If your breasts have sagging, your doctor may suggest the breast lifting (lifting/hanging/mastopexy) surgery for the same session. Your doctor will explain the treatment options, the risks and limits for each of these options. If you are smoking, or using any medicament of nourishing support, you should definitely inform your doctor. Your doctor will also inform you about the type of anesthesia, hospital choices and cost for the operation.

During the surgery phase, the doctor and the patient must evaluate the following four points together.

Implant type

The entering point of the surgery

The placement place of the implant

The volume of the implant

The information that you need for making a correct and healthy selection are about the above given four subjects.

Breast Implants

The implants are separated in two groups according to their materials:

Saline containing implants: They include saline solution in a capsule made from solid silicon. There are two types of saline implants:

The ready models: They have been produced as ready-made implants filled with saline solution.

Inflatable models: They have been produced as empty implants.

This will be inflated during the surgery with saline solution after the placement by a valve on its wall. These types of implants will be placed from the armpit and breast areola. That’s why they called breast augmentation surgery without scar. Will be applied to the patients who have less breast tissue, natural ribcage and who don’t desire a big size breast.

Silicone containing implants: Gel silicone is soft and fluid. The gel implants will be placed from the breast areola and under breast curve. They can be placed over or under the muscle. The tissue-like consistency of the gel silicone is the reason of its preference.

Cohesive silicone containing implants: These are the high technological implants. As they are thicker then the gel silicone they are not fluid. The anatomic form of cohesive silicones (drop-breast) has been prepared according to the patient’s measures and needs. They give a natural breast appearance when they have been placed. The most important advantages are their stabile forms, the possibility to place over or under the muscle or dual-pan, and their contours without curves.

The Implant Forms

Round implant: They are in hemisphere form. They create a fuller breast also on the upper half of the breast. They are suitable for the procedures made from breast areola and under breast curve-line. The inflatable models (inflated with the saline solution after the placement) can also be placed from the armpit.

Anatomical implant: They are in drop form. Their forms are more suitable for the natural breast form. They create a fuller breast also on the upper half of the breast. The most convenient method for placing these kinds of models is under breast curve. a) Round Implant b) Round Implant c) Anatomical Implant

The Placement Places of the Implants

a) Normal Breast Structure

b) Under-muscle placement

c) Over-muscle placement

The surgery will be performed in hospital under general anesthesia and takes between half an hour to one and a half hour according to the selected technique. The patient can be discharged on the same or next day and go back to her normal daily life. The breast region will kept in bandages for approximately one week. As hidden stitches have been applied, removing is not necessary. Lifting heavy things and hard exercises must be avoided for three weeks. This period must be supported with athlete-bra.

All Surgeries are Bearing Risks

Like all the surgeries, the breast augmentation surgery has also risks and specific problems. Within the time, the body can produce a kind of tissue layer around the implant. This layer called as capsule can compress the implant and cause to place changes, asymmetrical appearance and hardening. This risk is lower on the implants placed under the muscle in comparison with the implants placed over the muscle.

This situation called as capsule contracture can be healed by using different methods and in some cases it might be necessary to remove or relax the capsule. Sometimes it might also be necessary to replace the implant’s itself.

Like all the surgical operations, bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing may occur after the breast augmentation surgeries. In some cases, after the surgery a temporary sensitivity or sense losses can be lived on the nipples.

There is no scientific proof about the breast implants are negatively affecting the fertility, pregnancy or suckling activities.

There is no scientific proof or information about the breast implants are causing to breast cancer. However, for the breasts which have implants the cancer scanning methods with mammography are more specific. Today, when you want to have a routine control mammography, there are experienced technicians and doctors who can take reliable x-ray images by using the special techniques for the breasts with implants. The ultrasonography may also useful for detecting the possible tumors or similar masses for the women who have breast implants and also evaluating the implant.

The Result of the Surgery may be Affected from the Following Factors

The exiting sizes of the breasts

The diameter of the breast base

The thickness, looseness, fullness: If the breast tissue is thin, weak or loosen the result may be negatively affected.

Sagged or drooped breasts: The slight sagging can be corrected with the implant placement. If there is an excessive loosen and weak breast tissue on the drooped down breast, it might be necessary to perform an additional breast lifting surgery.  The form of the breast wall: the puerperal form deficiencies will negatively affect the appearance (created asymmetry).  Asymmetrical breasts: Some people have unequal or asymmetrical breasts sizes or forms. This fact complicated the creation of symmetrical appearance and is a negatively affecting factor.  The elasticity of the Skin: the results are more successfully for the people who have normal skin elasticity.

The form deficiencies on the breasts  The Permanency of the Breast Augmentation’s Results  Even the pregnancy or aging may affect the results in a negative way the results are generally long-lasting. Besides that there is a usage limit for all the implants. This period will be changed between 7 and 25 years.